I am passionate about working with clients in a way that facilitates healing and positive change.  My intention for each session is to leave you with a feeling of peace, and being balanced in body, mind, and spirit.  


Tarot Readings

Tarot readings provide a connection to your Higher Self or your Intuition. Our Higher Self is the part of us that knows what is best for us, so we can connect with this energy and check in on what’s really going on in our lives.

Tarot cards provide insight to your current situation and provide guidance with how best to proceed. To me, using Tarot has been the best navigation for staying on my path to flourishing and fulfilling my soul’s purpose - which is to share this gift of insight with you.

Relationship, Career, Home, and Heart are all wonderful topics to explore through the Tarot.

Readings done in person or through FaceTime/Skype.

Mini Tarot offerings available through email.


Reiki is a simple and pure form of energy work. Vital life force energy, or universal energy is channeled through the practitioner and into the client’s energy field. Reiki can facilitate healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  During a reiki session, the practitioner may lay hands on the body, hover slightly above, or send reiki at a distance. Reiki has no bounds, and can also be sent to a previous date and time.  

The experience of receiving reiki is unique to each individual and within each session.  It is common to feel heat, energy shifting, deep meditation or relaxation, emotions, and peace.   


Chakra Balancing/Healing

The chakra system is the body's energetic system.  There are seven main energy centers that go from the root of the spine to the crown of the head.  These energy centers align and overlap with areas where many physical nerve bundles cross over the body, so it is no wonder why they are mapped out as they are. The chakras coordinate to how we feel and express ourselves in the world, and they generally develop as we mature in life.

In this session, I tune into your energy and use tools to identify the current state of the chakras. Based on what is found, imbalances will be corrected to bring the system into a state of alignment.

We will discuss your specific reading, potential causes of any imbalances, and you will leave empowered with knowledge, guidance, and tools to continue working on your harmonious state of alignment.

Personal Energetic Clearing

Every individual has a personal energy field that is constantly giving and receiving.  In an energetic clearing, I will first remove any unwanted energy that is attached to you from other people.  The second step is to move through your five elemental energetic layers or through your chakra system to see what we can clear out and remove.  From the findings, you will receive insight as to which aspects of your energetic field have received an adjustment, and you will be provided with tools to continue working through these layers.

This session is designed to leave you feeling clearer, lighter, and in a better state of balance.


Aura Cleansing

Your aura is your complete and personal energy field. Throughout our daily routines and interactions with others, we tend to carry more than we need to. We can constantly be influenced by other people and allow their energy to hang in our space when it is unneeded.

If you’ve felt a sense of heaviness or being tired and weighed down, this may be the right choice for you.

Crystals and energetic techniques are used to cleanse, wash off and remove anything unneeded in your space, leaving you feel lighter and clearer.


My approach to yoga is exploratory and gentle. Many of the people I work with have not done yoga before and have a goal of becoming more flexible or opening into an area of their body. In yoga, movement and mindfulness and meditation are important to me. I hope to guide you into a space where you feel that you begin to turn inward and look at your inner landscape and find a deep sense of peace and calm while creating change in your body.

Massage Therapy

My approach to massage is intuitive and I work based on what I hear and feel. Many techniques are blended together into a style that nurtures the body and relaxes the mind.

$80/60 minutes, $100/75 minutes, $120/90 minutes, $160/120 minutes


 @ Illume Yoga studio $100/hr +


@ Your location $150/hr +

Soulful Facials

Soulful Facials focus on the body and the mind. Products are customized to suit your needs and treatment plan for your skin. Techniques are used to help sculpt and lift the facial muscles to enhance a youthful glow. Energy work is included in this facial so that you may feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

Each facial will be customized to you based on your current care and condition of your skin.  I use the professional skin care line SkinScript..  

“SkinScript products were designed and developed under the direction of highly-respected physicians and aestheticians to create a unique skincare line to treat their clients’ top concerns while improving their skin’s appearance and repairing damaged skin. Targeting concerns of aging, acne, clogged pores, fines line, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and rosacea, we achieve advanced results.”

I also offer free samples and the option to purchase SkinScript’s home-care protocol.

Cost is $100 and takes approximately 75 minutes.

Natural Facelift Massage

Natural Facelift Massage is a technique that uses no oils or products. It is a specific routine that helps skin look radiant and bright.  The Natural Facelift massage includes sculpting movements that increase circulation, lymphatic drainage that removes excess toxins and waste from the skin, energy work, and myofascial release that relaxes the muscles that hold tension in place.  It is an extremely relaxing service. Skin appears firmer and tighter, and circulation improves bringing a nice glow into the skin.  Results can be seen immediately as well as over the next few days. Cumulative results are seen in having frequent sessions. This is a great option if you have a special event in the next 24-48 hours.

Cost is $100 and takes approximately 75 minutes.