About Liz


I grew up in central PA and moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 shortly after finishing my undergraduate degree. In 2012, I started my massage therapy business and began to root myself here. Several years into my practice, I developed a need for better self-care and found yoga, and this practice soon led to a more balanced life. I developed a sense of community through yoga and began to network with other wellness professionals. I grew exponentially through learning my own inner landscape through meditation, self-reflection, and dreamwork. I tuned into my intuition and began acting based on the awareness of these feelings and indications. I experienced, learned, and began to offer more energetic services. In 2016, I studied esthetics and began offering skin treatment services. I finished my reiki studies and began teaching others about reiki and passing attunements. I completed yoga teacher training and co-hosted my first wellness retreat. I now offer private yoga sessions and lead group classes as well.

I am constantly working on self-development. I continue to add pieces into the puzzle of who I am and what I can offer to others. I embrace a personal need of growth, of finding and experiencing things that bring me closer to the essence of who I am.

It is a priority of mine to live authentically, to fulfill the purpose I intended of living in this life, and ultimately to help others do the same. The best way I know how to do this is through healing touch, intention, building solid client/practitioner relationships, and living a mindful lifestyle that aligns with this.

I am able to offer you a well-rounded menu of services. Often my clients begin by seeing me for massage therapy and then try out energy work or yoga for the first time.

I am here to facilitate your personal wellness and support your healing in the most appropriate, personalized way that I can.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


My Location:

3258 Ward Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213


10am - 9pm Daily